A Republic for Children in Argentina: Rhythm and Art

República de los Niños was opened in 1951 and many have said it was the inspiration for Disneyland. It is an educational theme park, built to ¾ size, just right for the children that visit. With buildings and installations focused on governance, finance, culture and more, it is a place of both play and learning.

Todomusica organized a day of music and art in the República and Marcos Ribas, an excellent facilitator from Chile, and I facilitated two drum Circles with 20 children in each. We arrived to find that they were doing visual artwork so we created a program that included both.

You can hear Rhythm, yes, and feel it? Can you see Rhythm? First we played some drum Circle games, then showed a very simple piece of art that the children played, then they created their own ArtMusic in teams of 4 or 5. When they returned, we played all the pieces. Fabulous!

Here they come!

Excitement builds as we prepare for the performance!

Marcos and several of the compositions for percussion orchestra!

The audience is ready and John and Marcos wonder what the heck they have gotten themselves into...

Can you see the music? Yes! Can you hear the Art? Yes!

One of the parents conducts a composition with great success!