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SMT Bass Drumheads

Experience The Difference

Photo of a SMT Emperor Coated bass drumhead on black drum set with a white background.
The ultimate solution for drummers seeking power, control, and versatility!

SMT Bass Drumheads are a pre-muffled design featuring Sub Muff'l Technology.

SMT™ Bass Drumheads are constructed with an externally mounted dampening profile and free-floating acoustic foam. The externally mounted dampening profile enables the bass drumhead and drum shell to maintain full sound characteristics with additional attack and low-end frequencies.  

Sub Muff'l Technology® (SMT) allows a broad tonal spectrum of tuning ranges with controlled high and mid frequencies and deep, powerful low tones. SMT is a new industry standard and one of the market's most musical and versatile pre-muffled bass drumheads.  

Ideal for live and recording applications. Available in sizes 16" through 24 inches.

A close up of a person playing drums
Boom... with Precision
Experience the raw power and clarity of SMT Bass Drumheads. Perfect for both live performances and studio recordings, they maintain rich sound characteristics while enhancing attack and low-end frequencies.