Suzanne Tribe
HealthRHYTHMS Endorsed Facilitator

"Because of their unwavering commitment to quality of life on this planet! And because of the people that make up Remo!"

Profession: Voice Coach, Singer, Teacher, Songwriter
Drum Circle Facilitator, Board Certified Music Therapist

Education: Universidad Catolica Argentina - Teacher - Buenos Aires, Argentina Casa Once - AC - Buenos Aires, Argentina Andean singing and frame drumming - 'in situ' and with Leda Valladares for 10 years - Argentina

Populations Served: Children, Adults, Women's Groups, Well Elderly, Community events, Wellness, Spirituality

Affiliations: Music for People, HealthRhythms, NGCR

Special HealthRHYTHMS moment:
When I facilitated one of my first HealthRHYTHMS circles, one participant, an artist, expressed her fears about her work and creativity and then through the drumming and the support she received from the group, she moved through them into a place of confidence and joyfulness. The following day she received a call and she was offered a commission for a theater production which she went on to create successfully!

I have seen this type of thing happen time and time again - HealthRHYTHMS as a journey where participants find the courage to express their innermost feelings and move beyond their fears or perceived limitations; the group creating the healing process which ushers the entrance into a place of confidence and well being, acceptance and understanding; the renewed sense of community and bonding - and what amazes me, over and over, the synchronicity of events that take place afterwards - supporting the shift that took place in the HR session.

HealthRHYTHMS Endorsed Facilitators are independent contractors and are not employees of Remo, Inc.
HealthRHYTHMS training is not a substitute for the credentials of a medical professional or therapist when used for clinical or therapeutic intervention