Patricia Mollá is pioneering the facilitation of drum circles in Argentina. As a professional Drum Circle Facilitator, psychological counsellor, creativity consultant, she has extensive experience with corporations, communities, therapeutic approaches, and children. She regularly facilitates drum circles at the Universidad del Salvador and has facilitated rhythmical games for 3500 people in San Luis, Mendoza and Catamarca in Argentina. She has received facilitation training from Don Davidson and has also completed a rigorous training following the Arthur Hall philosophy. She has made further study in African rhythm with Pecceti, Schafer and Wiggins, Eutonía, dramatic art, art therapy and, with the Inter-American Society of Mediation for the resolution of conflicts Using rhythmic metaphors in her “Conversaciones Rítmicas Program” (based in the Rudolf Steiner and Peter Senge philosophies), Patricia enriches corporate culture with spiritual values for transformation through rhythm and creates individualized programs for each client.

In 2002 Patricia received the Project Award of the IPA World in Brazil for her program “We Play Drums For Peace”.

Patricia is facilitating team building processes and playing in Chile, México, and Dominicana, and in the International Congress GERZA for Team Building, in México.

Patricia dedicates to 10% of her profits to the social action in events for drum circle communities the support REMO Inc and Todo Música (Argentina).

Her mission: To spread the Drum Circle as a way of integrating the individuals in a community for the purposes of healing and encouraging respect for diversity.

For more information about Conversaciones Rítmicas Program please contact Patricia at: