Marcos Ribas

Conexión Ritmica

Marcos Ribas

Since age 19 Marcos has played as a professional musician in the most important theaters in Argentina, and toured with the group RAEL through Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. 

He is a founding partner and director of "CONEXIÓN RITMICA" an established company that presents rhythm based events internationally. He has participated in 2007 Los Angeles, USA in a DCM training by renowned DCF, KALANI.

In 2009 he visited Scotland for the first time, where he participated in an intensive VILLAGE MUSIC CIRCLES training program led by Arthur Hull who is considered the father of the "Drum Circle Movement”.

Marcos went back to Scotland in 2013 to participate as a mentor (the Mentor’s Experience) at Wiston Lodge. In search of broadening his abilities as a musician and facilitator he also participated in a seminar of residence with the famous American singer Bobby McFerrin, creator of the well-known song "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and a winner of nine Grammy Awards. 

In 2015 he returned to the USA to attend a DRUMBEAT Facilitator Training in the search of new tools and to gain more experience for working with “kids at risk” populations and education in general. 

His expertise and versatility have enabled him to work for more than 15 years with such diverse groups as the disabled, children at social risk, kindergarteners, schools and universities, seniors, professionals and business executives.