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Innovating Rhythms for Over 65 Years

Rhythm Defines Us.

Remo, Inc. is a global leader in percussion innovation, design, production, sales, and distribution.

For over 65 years, we have been breaking new ground with industry-firsts in drumhead technology, including the first commercially successful synthetic drumhead design, Weatherking®. Our products are used by professional musicians, music educators, and enthusiasts in all genres of percussion, as well as in therapeutic and medical applications. We are committed to promoting the expansion and acceptance of individual and group drumming through recreational, educational, and wellness activities. Remo is also proud to be at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing practices, and we strive to limit our impact on the environment while sustaining jobs and pushing the limits of drumhead and drum technology. Join the global community of drummers and experience the transformative effect of rhythm with Remo.
An adult and child drumming on Kids Percussion Gathering drums.

An Educational Tool For Every Classroom

A group of older women sitting next to each other drumming.

A Wellness Tool For Every Retiree

A group of people standing in front of a mural holding Remo drums.

A Unifying Tool for Every Community

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An Inspirational Tool for Mankind

We’d like to help people of all ages and abilities include drumming, one of the oldest and easiest forms of music-making, in their personal prescription for wellness. - Remo Belli, Founder
A group of people. Louie Bellson, Buddy Rich, and Remo Belli sitting next to each other holding Remo drumheads.


Our Legacy of Percussion Innovation

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Rhythm Wellness & YOU! Enhancing Well-being Through The Experience of Drumming

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Remo Music Center welcomes everyone to enjoy making music together in a friendly space.