Charly Alberti

Soda Stereo, MOLE

Charly AlbertiCharly AlbertiCharly AlbertiCharly AlbertiCharly AlbertiCharly AlbertiCharly AlbertiCharly AlbertiCharly Alberti

He was born on March 27th, 1963 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Son of well known jazz musician and distinguished drummer Tito Alberti, he is in contact with music since early childhood and begins music training at 6 years of age.

In 1982, after participating as drummer in several neighborhood bands and accompanying his father's orchestra, he creates Soda Stereo, together with Gustavo Cerati and Zeta Bosio. The band would set the course of Argentine and Latin American music during the 80's and 90's and would show a growth in popularity never seen before in the history of Hispanic Rock.

A technology freak as a child, Charly's influence to incorporate it in the band was decisive, thus becoming a pioneer of technology implementation in Latin American music.

In 1989, Modern Drummer magazine interviews Charly Alberti and acknowledges him as one of the most outstanding drummers of the moment.

The band releases several recordings and expands its frontiers. In 1995, after a gap of almost two years, Soda meets again with the album Sueño Stereo (Stereo Dream) and continues until its public farewell in 1997 with a short Latin American tour and the final concert in River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires.

In this way, Soda Stereo had written an important chapter in the history of music of the Americas, at the same time inspiring a whole generation of artists and musicians.

Sensing that the end of Soda was near, Charly decides in 1996 to explore his other passion: technology. He then funds CybeRelations, a structure aiming at positioning Apple in Argentina.

A year later the company stops working exclusively for Apple and becomes Cybrel Digital Entertainment, designed to implement and generate high tech contents and applications, mainly for the Hispanic market.

At first, Cybrel conceived and implemented projects related to Soda Stereo, setting a new era of applications of digital technology in music and entertainment in Latin America. The first enhanced CD (Comfort y Música para Volar - Comfort and Music to Fly) was made together with MTV and the web cast of Soda's last concert in Buenos Aires River Plate Stadium was regarded worldwide as the one with best connectivity.

By the end of 1997 Charly is named Apple Master, becoming the first one in Spanish language.

On August 1998, Alberti surprises the tech world by inventing the Internet Time, an original concept which would be used as the new standard time on the Internet.

By the end of that year, he launches URL Magazine- a magazine about general culture and technology and URL Records- a discographic label aiming at supporting and promoting new musicians. Cybrel starts with Yeyeye.com, a music portal that becomes the most visited music and entertainment Spanish website.

Alberti is regarded by President Fernando de la Rua of Argentina as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs of his country and invites him to take part of the Presidential delegation's first official visit to the US under Bill Clinton's Administration.

A few months later, CNN would invite Alberti to Atlanta for an interview and a prize. He is considered one of the top ten Internet personalities of Latin America.

Charly carries on with the expansion and mutation of his firm, but by the end of 2003 he decides to put an end to it and go back to music for good. He then calls in his brother Andres. After some months working together, they decide to officially start with MOLE, a project he is currently working in.

In 2003 Charly Alberti received an invitation from MTV Latin America to participate in a special performance for the Second Edition of the MTV Latin American Video Awards. The idea was to put together an "All Star band" of Latin American musicians that was to be the biggest surprise of the evening. This experience left Charly with the desire to go back into music. After that, he returned to Argentina and by 2005, founded along with his brother Andrés, a new rock band: MOLE. The band members are: Charly Alberti (drums), Andrés Alberti (lead guitars), Sergio Bufi (Singer and 2nd guitar) and Ezequial Dasso (Chorus and Bass). The group released their first album in April 2007, simply titled MOLE; it was initially released only in Argentina and then later to the rest of Latin America. On March 26, 2008, MOLE won in the category of Best Album by a New Rock Band in the Gardel Awards.

Alberti lost his father, latin jazz drummer Tito Alberti, on March 25, 2009. He joined The Climate Project, the foundation led by Nobel laureate Al Gore, as its chief spokesman in Argentina on May 1.

In 2017, Alberti was named the U.N. Development Program Goodwill Ambassador.