Rhythm, Engagement: the Beat in Brazil

Samba, Batucada, Carnival, all expressions of the amazing vitality that music making has in Brazilian culture and daily life. A newer expression is finding its way through the use of drum circles for working with groups of all kinds for greater wellbeing. 

It was my second time I have presented the Village Music Circles One Day Seminar on drum circle facilitation in Sao Paolo, Brazil again hosted by our distributor Izzo Musical, and organized by Edgard Ribeiro. As was the case during my first visit, Ju Linares, an amazing facilitator, trainer in her own right, and good friend, helped promote the event and supported me throughout the event with instruments and translation. Obrigado!  

Once again, I met both new friends and old as we spent the day in study and play! 

Ju Linares (on the left) supporting the facilitation demonstration. 

Someone here seems surprised or concerned. My friend and fellow facilitator Lucia Perez.

A volume down cue, and an opportunity for deeper listening.

Thanks to Izzo for bringing these fabulous, colorful instruments!

Satisfaction and joy personified!

And THAT, my friends, was a great day with some truly wonderful people!