Norman Jones

Rhythm Child

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Norm Jones is the co-founder and creative force behind The Rhythm Child Network (www.rhythmchild.net), a Los Angeles based company that combines the use of group rhythm and soul-stirring music to help promote drumming and creativity for kids.

Norm has made a steadfast commitment to work with very young children, families, and pre-school caregivers in order to concentrate on the early childhood development of rhythm and the life-long promotion of musical growth.

After searching the marketplace to find companies that reflected his family’s attraction to music from a more rhythmic perspective, Norm & his wife Heather found that there was indeed a growing interest in exposing children to different aspects of music at an early age, but there were not many opportunities to experience it directly. With this, The Rhythm Child Network started as a way to create an environment that allows for young children to come in direct contact with the power of music.

An accomplished songwriter and professional percussionist, Norm encourages creative expression and cultural exploration through drum circle workshops, interactive music education classes and family concerts. Norm’s work with Rhythm Child enables children to incorporate music into their daily life and connects them with their own inner rhythms by using drumming as a vehicle for building confidence, communicating positive messages and encouraging community building.

Norm is passionate about his work as an ambassador for family drumming and looks forward to spreading the word worldwide through the help of companies like REMO Drums and Percussion.