Eric Olson has been around drums his entire life and Rhythm is his passion. Eric believes everyone has Rhythm, but not everyone knows how to express it. Through facilitation and Rhythm games he helps you tap into your inner beat. Eric weaves his lifelong passion for Rhythm and drumming into facilitating every Drum Circle.

He started playing drums at 6 years old and quickly took to the instrument, much to his parents’ dismay. Throughout his life, he has been in and out of bands, performed live countless times, and recorded several albums. Eventually, he decided to hang up my sticks and focus on his family.

After a while, the itch to play the drum became too intense and Eric was inspired to pick it up yet again. Through the Djembe, he found a new way to express his Rhythm and a deep respect for the history and culture of this amazing instrument. Eric began studying with a djembefola (djembe master) to hone his skills. Since then, he has been facilitating drum circle events and has quickly become a community leader in the Atlanta area with his energetic and interactive Rhythmic Events.

Eric is a certified Village Music Circles Facilitator, a graduate of the 3- and 6-day VMC Facilitation Training, and a member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild. Eric is proud to announce that he has been endorsed by Remo Drums as a Rhythm Wellness and YOU! Facilitator Artist.