Ju Linares is a percussionist, program designer, and rhythm event facilitator whose passion is empowering people through making music. Jú is co-owner of Rhythm Expansion (USA) and Ritmo Expansão (Brazil), which offers rhythm programs for teambuilding, learning and fun to corporate teams and groups.

Ranging from leadership and organizational development, to arts enrichment for youth, Jú’s programs use drumming as a vehicle for enhancing listening and communication, celebrating common purpose, and appreciating diversity in a vibrant whole.  

Sharing the spirit of her homeland, Brazil, Jú guides participants into playing irresistible rhythms tinged with samba, samba reggae, maracatu, and other Brazilian flavors. Within minutes, participants feel the ginga, the Brazilian relaxed way of being, feeling new potential for creativity and connection.

“My favorite place to be is in the zone of co-creative music-making with others. I love seeing people discover the joy of playing drums, and coming into musical dialog. The back-and-forth between expressing and listening, playing one’s part and hearing how it fits into the whole group song, teaches us so much about relating and working together in life.”

Jú is a versatile ensemble player whom other musicians welcome as an accompanist. She intuitively knows where and what to play to add richness and depth to the music. She contributes with everything from drum set to hand percussion; djembe and pandeiro (Brazilian tambourine) are her signature instruments.

With an eye for the feelings of the moment, Jú is also a photographer, sound designer and video editor. Her colorful images from her travels in Brazil, Bali, India, Africa and the U.S. capture the beauty of the landscapes, and the warmth of people in their everyday lives.

Jú has participated in the Village Music Circle’s Facilitator’s Training in Hawaii in 2006, 07, 08, where she completed the leadership (third) level. In 2011, she went back to Hawaii as a mentor and finished her certification process becoming a Village Music Circles Certified Facilitator. In 2015 she when back as well to play on the edge of her abilities and enhance even more her facilitation skills. In addition, she’s a certified Music Together teacher, a music education curriculum for young children and parents.