Diana Lynn Wallace

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Diana Lynn WallaceDiana Lynn WallaceDiana Lynn Wallace

Internationally recognized vocalist and soulful performer Diana Lynn Wallace is the creator of InsideOutloud and the founder of Urth Rhythms in Los Angeles. A certified Music Medicine Facilitator, Diana creates unique programs weaving voice and drums with the evidence-based HealthRHYTHMS program.

She also holds certificates in Social Emotional Arts, Beat the Odds, Rhythm for Youth, HealthRHYTHMS, Village Music Play Shops, and Drumming as a Peace Protocol.

Growing up as the daughter of a preacher, she sang gospel music until world rhythms and indigenous music lit her musical torch. She spent years performing Reggae/Afro Pop which spawned her passion for percussion. Dianna has scored soundtracks for film shorts, theater and voice overs.

She launched her CD Daydreams and Lullabies and many charting dance tracks in Europe and the UK, South Africa, Portugal and Italy. She is currently composing an album of meditation/devotional music.

Her Drum Circles and Rhythm Experiences are filled with a positive welcoming feeling for all. If you feel like you have no rhythm or creative spirit, Diana will gently give you the ability to discover and express all the music, rhythm, and creativity that is inside of you.