Austin-based musician, facilitator and drum instructor, Suzy Turner embarked on her rhythmic journey when she first began training with a local West African drumming class. Soon after, the group started performing throughout Austin and San Antonio at a variety of community events, wellness centers and private parties. Suzy loved the intense, disciplined training necessary in learning the traditional rhythms, and it was that experience combined with the healing, community connection she discovered while drumming that inspired her to pursue the field of drum circle facilitation.

The Founder of Soulshine Rhythm Experience, Suzy Turner is a REMO-endorsed Drum & Rhythm Facilitator, as well as a trained HealthRHYTHMS, Rhythm 2 Recovery and Village Music Circles facilitator. Always with a welcoming smile, Suzy is known for her uplifting, warm, and inclusive approach to facilitation, inviting participants to relax, release and engage in the rhythm.

 A professional member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild, Suzy is passionate about connecting, empowering and inspiring others through the remarkable healing power of rhythm. Since 2016, Soulshine Rhythm Experience has hosted hundreds of interactive drum & rhythm events throughout the Austin area including retreats, workshops, wellness seminars and private and community drum events. Suzy's commitment to community shines through as she continues to create and collaborate with like-minded venues and organizations throughout Texas that strive to provide spaces for knowledge, team building, community connection and healing.

When she's not drumming, you'll likely find Suzy enjoying her love of movement, playing outside among the trees, with her family & loved ones.

Upcoming Events & Workshops:

Ribbon Cutting Event

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