Peace Circle in Hiroshima

Global Resonance; Nagoya holds Global Drum Circle on Hiroshima Anniversary

Children danced while a balloon of the world floated about the rhythms of Japan, Iraq, Native America and India.  Rhythm is about timing; taking a sad occasion and turning it into a beat of transformation. 

At the recent Japanese Peace Drum Circle held in Nagoya, over one hundred Japanese, American, and invited guests from India and Nepal took the sadness and shock of the  Hiroshima bombing in 1945 which killed 140,000 Japanese and transformed it into a celebration of Peace through drumming on the anniversary day!  

According to Ms. Yasuyo, “it was beautiful to have families participate for the first time with everyone playing together.  In the temples we pray alone, but through the drum circle we got to pray together.”  

Christine Stevens of UpBeat Drum Circles brought rhythms from Native American to Iraq to be played in the intention of peace for the world.  According to Stevens, “We practiced peace-building using a protocol developed in Iraq that wove drum circles with cultural sharing.”

“We feel this is a global trend of cultural peace-building through drum circles.  I look forward to seeing more and more in the world as we move towards peace, joy, and creativity!,” said Stevens. 

The event was created by Ms. Yasuyo of Music Together of West Nagoya and Happy Beat Drum Circles ( and supported by Yamaha Music Trading, Drum Circle Facilitator Association of Japan, and REMO.