Nellie Hill, Playful Spirit Adventures, is Remo endorsed professional Drum Circle Facilitator and certified Life Coach. She earned her MA in Music Education from the University of Maryland, with post-graduate studies at Duquesne and Villanova. Her extensive facilitator training includes VMC certification, DCFG accreditation, HealthRhythms. She served many years as a teaching assistant for Will Schmid for his World Music Drumming Workshops. Nellie was also the facilitator for the opening of the National Music Center in Washington, DC and for the MENC National Conference in 2009. She is the co-author, along with Arthur Hull, of the Drum Circle Facilitators Handbook, which is now published in three languages.

Nellie Hill is an active member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild. She has held several positions on the Board of Directors, including President. Currently she serves as an advisor.

Rhythm is the driving force of life. Circles come in many forms; circles for reflection, for healing, for community, for leadership, but most importantly for enjoyment. When you rhythm is off so is your life. So let Playful Spirit help you and your organization find your rhythm and enjoy the spirit!

Contact information:
Nellie Hill
410 733 4226