Village Music Circles Training, Australia

Arthur Hull / Remo Drum Facilitator Training Seminar

Sydney, Australia

Held recently in Sydney, Australia, in conjunction with ‘Billy Hyde Music’ was the Arthur Hull Drum Facilitator Training Seminar. The seminar took place from Friday, May 16th to Sunday May 18th in Sydney, Australia, and was conducted by renowned American Drum Facilitator – Arthur Hull.

Arthur in “professor” mode

Arthur Hull is recognised as a pioneer in bringing the drum circle experience to schools, corporations and conferences. From Russia to Brazil, Malaysia to China, he has used his Village music metaphor to build and teach team spirit, and a sense of community. Arthur is a multi-award winning musician and author and has received the 'All One Tribe Foundations Drumming Educator Award', and the 1998 'Drum Magazine' title - Drummer of the Year. He has facilitated drum circles and rhythmical alchemy play shops at the Association of Humanistic Psychology, Association for Music Therapists and many other International conferences had has appeared on the cover of the Wall Street Journal. He has facilitated rhythm events for groups ranging from 20 to 6,000.

A moment to play and reflect

The training was a very intensive experience which gave the participants 20 – 22 hours of hands on training. All the participants enjoyed the course and felt they had learnt invaluable information that they can now apply themselves, as qualified Drum Circle Facilitator’s. Attended by 25 people, including Therapists, Child Therapists, School Teachers, Music Teachers and Spiritual leaders, the Seminar / Course prepared each attendee with the skills required to now use Drum Facilitation as a means of therapy. 

A gift bestowed

Put together by Sydney Facilitator, Bek Wermut, the weekend was a great success.  A very big thank you goes to Bek for all of her organisation and preparation and also the guys at Billy Hyde Camperdown for their assistance across the three days.