K. Michelle Lewis, also known by their transpersonal name, Yeshima, is a researcher, author, percussionist, presenter, arranger, Ph.D. student, Land Conservationist, and music educator of over 26 years. Yeshima is the CEO and founder of DrumSmart LLC, which began in 2017 as a private percussion studio. Since then, it has grown into serving the community through online and in-person community drum circles, percussion playshops, lessons, and professional development in Kentucky and abroad.

Lewis has written and published articles and blogs in Rhythm Scene, Teaching with Orff, NafMe Teaching Music, Bluegrass Music News, and their blog at DrumSmart LLC. Lewis is also a published author of the book Drum O’ Clock: A Virtual Drum Circle Experience incorporating mindfulness, vocal expression, and social and emotional learning. With a passion for group drumming, Yeshima has completed two pieces of group drumming research incorporating mindfulness and students' social and emotional well-being, which will be part of their upcoming dissertation. In addition, Lewis is excited to be on the Percussive Arts Society Interactive Drumming Committee and a member of the #teamremo Health and Wellness Team.

A life-long learner, Yeshima is a trained Village Music Circles, Beat the Odds, and Remo Health Rhythms Drum Circle Facilitator. As an Orff Schulwerk Levels 1-3 trainee, Yeshima loves incorporating singing, speech, movement, and drama into their drum circles. They currently study West African Drumming with Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy International and perform with a West African Drum and Dance Ensemble called Aseye Ensemble and Aja in Louisville, Kentucky. They received a BME from Morehead State University, MM in percussion performance from Rutgers University, and are currently working toward a Ph.D. in Music Education at the University of Kentucky. Yeshima has studied classical and marching percussion with Frank Oddis, She-e Wu, and Dennis DeLucia.

Tune into Yeshima's Power of Percussion Podcast at http://powerofpercussion.podbean.com