They call me the Rhythmic Ringmaster.

My circus is only as good as my acts and I like to supply everyone with the very best equipment so their spirits, including mine, can shine brightly and change the world. Drumming is all about timing. The time has come for drummers to stand up.

I chose to use my Remo drum at this 'Sing For Water' event for a number of reasons.

1) My singers were particularly concerned about the tuning of the drum conflicting with their harmonies and, as it was an outside event, I wanted to be able to tune it quickly onsite on the day. Soundchecks are never as long as we want them to be so speed and efficiency are crucial. REMO delivers this.

2) It's a paradox that, when raising money, it's important to look like you already have money. The REMO drum on its chrome djembe stand looks like a serious investment. It's an investment in the audience having the best experience, having given up their time to see what we have to say. We raised £20K at this event, £5K being collected at the end of the concert.

3) Is it unnecessary vanity to say it matched our outfits? I don't think so. We're all in black and white to represent stylish efficiency and, much as I love my carved African djembe, I wanted to get away from the 'street busker' look. Buskers are great, I always give them my spare change, but we were after bank notes here. Our team had contact-less credit card machines too. Thanks to #teamremo clean water is running out of taps in Malawi right now as a result of this drum broadcasting it's crisp rhythmic messages on stage.