Kids discover a group experience drumming together

Drumming gets the kids to interact with one another in ways that they normally don’t. It places them all on the same level playing field of fun without judgement. What drumming does for children is open their ears, eyes and spirit to engage with one another through the experience of “in-the-moment” music making within the world of fun and personal expression, joy and playfulness.

Drumming lets the kids discover a group experience of, “we did it” and it was cool that “we” did it together.

Regardless of where they come from or how they got there, once kids walk into the room and see a full circle of drums just waiting for them to play—they all become equally full of anticipation and smiles. Everyone looks at each other with scattered eyes and murmur to one another—wow, we get to play these!

What is so fun about this moment is that the kids are saying “we”. We get to play. We get to have fun.

Frank is a professional drum circle facilitator and motivational speaker. He is the founder of the Arizona Rhythm Connection (AZRC) and has been facilitating rhythm for over 25 years. Frank has dedicated his life towards using recreational music to help individuals and organizations "Keep to Their Beat" while "Living to Play and Playing to Live"!

Bio: Frank Thompson