Founded of Freedom drum Circles in 2002. He is recognized as a professional bilingual (Spanish and English) recreational drum circle facilitator. His Recreational rhythm events are designed to serve the needs of many institutions and organizations. As a REMO USA Endorsed Artist, Los Angeles Arts Commission/Ford Foundation Endorsed Artist and Health Rhythm Facilitator, Christopher is also a drum instructor, clinician and trainer. Using drums and percussion as wellness tools to engage participants brings a wealth of benefits socially to all diversified communities. His unique and creative approach to connect people of all backgrounds and ages with little or no musical experience is his mission. His guided rhythm journey encourages participants to trust and contribute their unique voices to the success of the whole drumming experience. This activity builds confidence and promotes creative unity within a musical experience shared by all. Other events include corporate team building conventions, employee retreats, concerts, and communities for the arts, festivals, private celebrations and educational programs. As a percussionist Christopher brings his dynamic passion of recreational music making to all events. He shares his passion for drumming with community groups such as Youth at Risk, Autism Camps and Senior Citizens Groups, Rehab and Recovery Organizations, veterans of war and cancer foundations. ”At a Freedom Drum Circle, participants do not require prior musical experience. ANYONE CAN DO IT! Group drumming is more about wellness and inspirational connection, not about stellar drumming technique or performance. It’s about self - empowerment and group support.”