Beat the Odds® Facilitator Rocks

Valencia, CA  -  Once again, Remo, Inc. is out in the local elementary schools bringing the benefits of drumming to 5th graders in Santa Clarita and Canyon Country, California. Mike DeMenno, Manager of the Remo Recreational Music Center, is visiting these schools and implementing the Beat the Odds® protocol with a variety of other rhythmic activities plus educational information about the origin of drums during April and May. Beat The Odds, a social and emotional skill building protocol delivered in a framework of drumming, has shown through UCLA research, that it can significantly reduce a spectrum of behavior problems in children.

About Beat the Odds® Program

“So far, the response has been unbelievable,” according to DeMenno. “The kids want to know if they can have drumming every week. The teachers also enjoy watching the kids transform from being shy and inhibited to rocking and rolling with big smiles. Some teachers are skeptical at first and I love to watch them transform.” 

Mike brings Remo Frame Drums, Festival Drums and Versa drums to the schools. Mike said, "The kids love the sound and size of the drums. When I am bringing up to 35 drums to a school, they are a dream come true. They save room the way they stack together and are so lightweight too.” 

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DeMenno welcomes all teachers and family's to participate at the Remo Recreational Music Center (RMC) in Valencia, CA, where he offers drum circles for all populations, teenagers, adults and Autistic children.

The Remo Music Center has great success offering the drumming experience to the community where joy and laughter can be experienced. It's a time where kids and adults can unplug from the social media and put the smart phone and video games away to enjoy the calls of the drum rhythms together as one tribe.

Mike recalls, “It really puts things into perspective and it is quite humbling to do this type work. Our drumming activities definitely do so much good that can be life changing."

Mike Demenno Brings drumming fun to 5th Graders