Argentina: Drum Circle Facilitation and Music Therapy

Remo Inc is committed to supporting the growing community of skilled drum circle and rhythm facilitators globally, and as part of my work here at Remo I am privileged to be able to visit other countries and share information about the benefits of drum Circles, other rhythm-based activities. As a certified Village Music Circles Global trainer, I deliver VMC Playshops and Seminars on the Art of Facilitation.

With the support of our distributor in Argentina, Todomusica, I had the opportunity to present a number of events in June of 2019. Many thanks to the people at Todomusica; Lucas Toledo for his energy and vision, Valeria Fernandez for Great organization and ideas, and...

 Marcos Spinzi, always present and energized!

On my first day in Buenos Aires, we hosted the first of two VMC One Day Introduction to The Art of Facilitation Seminars at the Todomusica headquarters.

Marcos Ribas, and Patricia Molla, both excellent facilitators and good friends, joined us for the One Day Seminar, Marcos translating into Spanish (essential!) Patricia translating into image as you can see below! 

Marcela Lichtensztejn and Paula Macchi, both of whom teach at the University and are also deeply involved in research, organized the symposium and brought a wonderful Group of Facilitators to the VMC Seminar as well. Music Therapy is alive and well in Argentina! 

Marcela Lichtensztejn and Paula Macchi

A 2 hour hands on-presentation on the value of drum circles to music therapy students and teachers at the University of Business, and Social Sciences in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thanks again to Marcella and Paula for arranging my visit.

Introducing the concepts to the students.

introducing the experience of course!

And introducing you to the music therapy students and teachers at UCES!