Helga is a passionate expert in enhancing connections and development. She is convinced that these two are inseparably linked together and that Drum Circles are one of the best examples of this. Since her early days as a Social Worker, she has supported individuals and groups in coping with life's challenges like mental illness, early motherhood, trauma and change. With her background of a comprehensive education in Music Therapy, Systemic Counselling/Therapy, Systemic Health Coaching and Drum Circle Facilitation, she has built an integrated business as a Drum Circle Facilitator, Trainer, Coach and Counsellor.

She now supports individuals through times of change and decision making and facilitates workshops for creating successful and healthy collaborations and communities.

Helga offers Drum Circles in all kinds of settings from Open Community Drum Circles to Team Building with a variety of specific focuses.  She works with groups from 5 to 500.  Helga serves the DCF community as a mentor and by offering programs to guide other facilitators to develop their true and authentic personality as a facilitator.