Drumming With The Lost Boys of the Sudan

Even after you feel that you’ve been through so much that no one will understand you, there is still one universal language which everyone around the world shares: music.

When the Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan gathered at a conference in San Diego, California in June, it was the first time many of them had seen each other in several years, since they had been home in Sudan. Overwhelming emotion radiated from every table in the cafeteria room as the Lost Boys and Girls ate their courtesy meal and as stories of America and home were exchanged. 

Having finished dinner, the group moved to the nearby auditorium, where upon entering the doors to the lobby, excitement and curiosity filled their eyes at the sight of drums sitting on a table.

The next room greeted them with a stage which displayed even more drums and drummers, and shortly the ceremonies began. 

Led by professional drum circle coordinators Christine Stevens and Paulo Mattioli, as well as some enthusiastic participants who had claimed drums on the stage, the entire auditorium began to drum on the instruments they were given at the entrance. 

As the volume rose, people’s barriers fell, and wide grins could be seen throughout the room. 

The connection between each individual in the room grew stronger as the drumming continued, and the unity could be seen on the faces of each and every person, from Sudanese refugees to the curious passerby who had heard the drumming and decided to investigate.

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