At the age of four, Tre' started showing a interest in drumming. During this time, his grandfather, who was a vocalist, taught him the two-stroke roll. He told Tre' as soon as the roll is played nice and even, with accuracy and speed, he would buy Tre' a snare drum. After practicing the two-stroke roll for three years, his grandfather kept true to his word and bought him a drum. In high school, Tre' turned his interest to the drum set, studying privately with Oklahoma City's most prominent percussion educators, K. Dean Walker & Paul Bowman. While Tre' was a freshman in college, it was then his drumming world was turned upside down. His cousin played percussion in a band that was signed to Capitol Records. After seeing his cousin play congas, bongos, timbales, and a table full of toys, Tre' knew this is what he wanted to do. Tre' was able to set foot on Sheila E's tour bus, and this just drove the drumming career home. This is what he was going to do! After college, Tre' hit the local music circuit in full force. In time, Tre' became the first call in Oklahoma City. "After Five Jazz", "Color Me Badd", "All-4-One", "Bennie Maupin", "Michael Bolton", Disneyland's "Lion King" parade and many others have had Tre' add his percussive taste and style to their recordings and live shows. In 1999 Tre' decided to give back to the drumming world and teach at one of the local high schools in his area in Southern California. Shaping young minds with his philosophy of "Life Through Drumming & Drumming Through Life", the music program has proven to be at the top of their game. Year after year, the program excels and Tre' feels like he's gone the complete circle of performing and now teaching. You can still see Tre' perform in small jazz cafes wit his quartet, which is the alter ego of his funk band, ONE BLU SHOO, or in big venues performing with Michael Bolton, or on the football field with his drumlins. He is currently on the Michael Bolton live DVD "Till The End Of Forever" , and he exclusively endorses REMO drum heads, World Percussion, Pacific Drums, DW Hardware, Vater Percussion, Paiste Cymbals, Rhythm Tech Percussion, DrumKat, DT5 (drum tuning system), and Dynasty Drums.