Green and Clean Drums Designed for Music Therapy

A pioneer in the field of music and medicine, Remo, Inc. has partnered with trusted professionals to create quality life enhancement tools for nearly thirty years.

In continued research and collaboration with progressive and renowned therapists, teachers, doctors, and nurses, Remo, Inc. is proud to introduce Green and Clean™. The Green and Clean product line is thoughtfully designed to address specific circumstances encountered within a medical therapeutic environment.  

Green and Clean™ products are designed to withstand disinfection protocols in medical environments where infection control is a concern. The entire drum is designed for easy cleaning, with a hospital-grade disinfectant wipe or spray, without degrading the finish or sound quality.

Green and Clean™ Products

Model Numbers:

E3-5818-41 -  Green And Clean, Gathering Drum - Green, 18"
ET-0216-41 - Nightwaves, Green And Clean, Ocean Drum® - 16"
HD-8610-41 - Green And Clean, Frame Drum, 10"
HD-8612-41 -  Green And Clean, Frame Drum, 12"
SR-0204-41 - Bossa Shaker, Green and Clean, 4"
TU-2510-41 - Festival, Green And Clean, Tubano®, Green, 10"
HB-3229-70 - Harmony Bars, 3 Piece set with Ball Mallets
KA-5300-00 - Crystal Kalimba