HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent Protocol

The HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent Protocol is the foundation of our HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent Drumming Program for at-risk youth, and consists of a progression of 6 or 12 one hour weekly sessions participants are guided through to facilitate communication and personal expression. Research has shown the program can result in numerous improvements including:

  • Improved school/work role performance
  • Improved behavior toward others
  • Reduced total anger
  • Reduced instrumental anger
  • Reduced interpersonal problems

(See Research for Details) We currently offer 3 - 4 training opportunities each year.

HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent Protocol Facilitation Training

This innovative approach builds on the HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming protocol and integrates counseling techniques for use with at-risk adolescents. Whereas the HealthRHYTHMS protocol can be used as a single session, the HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent Protocol is a 6 or 12 week series of steps.

Who Should Attend:

Professional counselors, social workers, therapists, educators, juvenile justice professionals and other concerned individuals who are collaborating with a licensed professional in work with at-risk adolescents, or in adult drug & alcohol rehabilitation. 

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the published research of HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent protocol and group therapy theory.

2. Develop Group Facilitation skills & therapy techniques using evidence-based, advanced strategies for special populations (Adolescents, Drug & Alcohol Rehab, etc.)

3. Apply HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent protocol program with normalized and at-risk populations for: community-based wellness initiatives, relaxation    techniques, conflict resolution, anger management and self-esteem building. 

4. Application of Conditioning and Disclosure Theory through Recreational Music Making (RMM)


HealthRHYTHMS Basic Facilitation Training is required prior to taking the HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent Protocol Facilitation training. The Adolescent Protocol is designed for use by licensed counselors, social workers, therapists, juvenile justice professionals, or HealthRHYTHMS trained facilitators who are co-facilitating with a licensed professional to work with this population. 

Meet our Adolescent Protocol Training Team

This innovative new training is being taught by two HealthRHYTHMS Endorsed Facilitators who were involved in the research and development of the HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent Protocol. This protocol has the HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming protocol as its foundation. Click this topic to read about trainers: Margaret Sowry & Larry Dickson.

What is included with this training:

Adolescent Protocol Training Manual (Electronic & Print Included)

Program Toolkit

Use of REMO drums for training 


Continuing Music Therapy Education

HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent Protocol Training is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 15.0 continuing music therapy education (CMTE) credits. Remo, Inc., #P–073, maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria.


We currently offer 3 - 4 opportunities throughout the year to attend our Adolescent Protocol Training. If you are a counseling organization and interested in training at least 15 staff members, contact us for information about hosting a private training at your facility.