Thanksgiving Celebration at the Downtown Mental Health Clinic

The Downtown Mental Health Clinic is a central focal point in the skid row area for people looking for assistance in addressing their mental health needs.

Downtown mental health offers services in the range of medication support, therapeutic evidence-based treatment services, as well as case management assistance with the goal of empowering our clients to build resiliency, recovery, and reintegration. We prioritize populations suffering from or at high risk for developing serious mental conditions, especially those without a stable place to live or a loving support system. We foster a sense hope for our clients to overcome obstacles they face in their daily lives.

The staff at Downtown Mental Health Clinic put together a Thanksgiving celebration for our clients that we serve to allow our clients an opportunity to come together with others and have fun. We provided clients with a safe space to feel comfortable, engage with others, a warm meal, and fun activities. This year, John Fitzgerald of Remo Inc., came to facilitate a celebration drum circle for all in attendance. Everyone laughed as they created their own sounds to contribute to a powerful group rhythm that was shared with others as they smiled and danced in celebration of their creation. It was an empowering feeling that is best described through rhythm and we are thankful for Remo Inc. and John for providing us with the guidance and musical instruments in this fun activity. You can visit our website HERE.

Thank you again!