Matt & Amy Savage Bring Rhythm Joy To Retirement Community-Quarantine!

"Rhythm Alive and The Cambridge Kitchen Band"

When COVID lockdowns hit, Cambridge Village, a retirement community where my Rhythm Alive program leads a bi-monthly drumming event, was closed to all outsiders. The wellness director had a great idea about trying to devise a way to keep the residents active by inviting them to join us from their balcony or patio and stay safe and socially distanced. Between us, we came with the idea for the Cambridge Kitchen Band! 

My wife and percussionist Amy Savage and I traveled to four different locations outside the facility and invited the residents to come out to their patio or balcony to join us with pots, pans, spoons, buckets, etc. We used a PA system to sing, chant, cheer and play along to a number of kitchen / food themed songs such as 40 Cups of Coffee, The Tea For Two Cha Cha, My Wife Can’t Cook and other favorites. We made up movements to these songs and just had a fun, lighthearted time allowing the residents to laugh, smile, connect with each other and play music during a stressful time of quarantine. And by the way, the “Shave and A Hair Cut” rhythm is big favorite with these folks! :-)

Remember....Drumming is good for you!