How To: The Taketina Experience

Taketina Experience

Taketina is a unique process capable of activation human and musical potential through rhythm. It is a path in which musical learning always goes hand in hand with personal development. The art of playing Surdo and Berimbau is an integral part of TaKeTiNa circle. An enormous part of the training is dedicated to the evolution of the skills necessary and the integration of these instruments into leading the TaKeTiNa process.

Exercises developed by Reinhard Flatischler are a powerful tool for developing left-right independence and coordination. As recent Taketina research shows, these exercises trigger an intense networking between the two brain hemispheres.

Instruments used in the TAKETINA process

Finger Clapper

The Finger Clapper was inspired by the Grello an iron castanet from West-Africa. Like the Grello the Finger Clapper makes it possible to clap with one hand. To play the Finger Clapper, just slide your thumb and finger(s) in the sturdy elastic band loops.


The Footoerine is a Remo Original tambourine design for the foot that is lightweight, durable with a nickel plated jingle set that produces bright sounds and is adjustable for softer or louder modifications. The Footoerine fits over shoe or barefoot and is easily adjustable with the Velcro attachment and cord lock for shoe sizes 5-11, for that Steampunk fashion inspiration.

Mother Drum Surdo 

The Mother Drum Surdo is a double headed cylindrical bass drum with roots inspired by the surdo drum from the Brazilian music culture. The Surdo not only marks the pulse of samba, it also represents the heartbeat of Taketina. No other drum provides such a steady rhythmic foundation like the pulse of a surdo. It accompanies and stabilizes the steps of the participants, - it is the ‘Mother Drum’.  Remo’s Mother drum Surdo is constructed with the patented Nuskyn® drumhead, and Acousticon® shell material. The overall weight is only 11 lbs, packing a powerful, focused tone that sustains with minimal overtones. Conveniently fitted with two point shoulder strap hook up, and lightweight top tuning cable system, this enables you to remove strap without making a sound, and tune bottom top and bottom heads from one side.

Mini Shaker

The rattle, perhaps is the oldest percussion instrument of humankind, not only marks a distinct rhythm, but also has a powerful trance-inducing effect. The Mini Shaker rattle used in the Taketina Process allows combinations of accentuated and soft sounds and opens the possibility for rhythmic structure.