How to: Conga Drumhead Sizing

Measure Drum Bearing Edge 

Although the manufacture’s stated catalog drum size is good to know it is not crucial to determine which drumhead crown size to use. The counter hoop measurements are the most important especially if the drum make and model are older versions or an unknown brand.

The drum size at the bearing edge is difficult to measure accurately as it has a rounded edge with no reference point to start or end. You can use a tape measure to get an approximate size which will help to identify the head size range. With the above variations in mind it is best to remove and measure your counterhoop(s). 

Listed are various styles of Traditional and Radius curved conga Counter Hoop Rims found in modern manufacturing.Referring to the Counter Hoop Rim Style Chart, determine which counterhoop shape best matches your particular counterhoop.

Measure the ID and OD dimensions of the counterhoop. Some counterhoops will not necessarily have an OD dimension. 

about the counterhoop RIMS

The cut and front views of each hoop style in the accompanied chart showhow the counterhoop  works and fits with Remo's Symmetry Conga drumhead. 

LP Comfort Curve Extended Z Rim-Radius Curve Style

LP Soft Touch Rim-Radius Curve Style

Meinl SSR Rim-Radius Curve Style

Meinl TTR Traditional Rim

Toca Easy Play Hoop-Radius Curve Style

Gon Bops Traditional curve hoop

Once you have all this information contact the Remo Customer Support Team and SUBMIT REQUEST with your detailed information.If possible send a photo of your drum. You will get a response with advice on the best type and size conga head to purchase for your Drum.

Visit link to our Conga Drumhead Guide

All of the models listed have been fit and performance tested by Remo product specialists and endorsed Remo Artists.