How to Make a Hand Grip for the Buffalo Drum

Remo’s original Buffalo drum

Remo’s original Buffalo drum was made with a durable 1/4 inch SISAL rope. Although the use of this rope has long been discontinued and replaced with an improved version, many original Buffalo drums are still in use today and might require some adjustments. The Buffalo drum rope handle can become a little loose during the life of playing the drum so you may find a need to make it more secure. Here are the simple instructions that will help you make the easy adjustments. 

diagram illustration


1. To start, you will need rope approximately 4 ½ feet long for your new handle grip. Use any ¼ inch wound rope with a comfortable feel. 

2. Position the Buffalo drum upside down as shown on the diagram above.

3. On the diagram locate sections #8 & #10 on the left and #2 & #4 on the right side.   

4. Bring each side together horizontally to meet in the middle.

5. Get your rope and place one end in the center

6. Wind the rope around #2 & #4 as shown pulling firmly. (Approximately 10 to 11 turns per side.) 

7. Repeat the wrapping process and pass the rope under to complete #8 & #10 pulling firmly.


8. To secure the new hand grip allow 1 ½ inches of rope at the end. 

9. Now insert it under the last loop to secure and pull tight. 

Your new handle grip is firmly tight and the Buffalo drum is ready to play!