At Risk Youth, The Day Program, John Scalici and his tools: Apex Djembes

In his business, Get Rhythm!®, founder John Scalici wears many hats. His programs with at risk youth are popular across the Southeast mainly because of his unique ability to establish rapport with this highly vulnerable and guarded group.

In the following video, John brings his expertise to the Day Program; an alternative learning environment started by a family court judge over 30 years ago.

The purpose of the Day Program is to give a “last chance” opportunity to at risk youth who have fallen through the cracks of the traditional family court process.

John provides an interactive therapeutic drumming approach that helps kids understand the importance of purpose, self identity, ceremony, and being a part of something larger than the self.

John uses many techniques to reach these kids and draws from his own experiences as a struggling youth to provide hope and change. One of his favorite tools, as you will see, is the Remo Apex Djembe.