Alan Bruni - Creating Classroom Connection & Joy

Stephanie Hammerman is a special education teacher at Birmingham Community Charter High School.  She works with students affected with moderate/severe abilities. 

Stephanie had attended drum circles at the REMO Recreational Music Center in North Hollywood CA (now located in Valencia).  Years later, while teaching, she knew that her classroom needed something to help the students focus, respect each other, understand themselves better and understand their classmates better.   Helping students process social and emotional skills before processing the stressors and pressure to learn their day to day schools lessons was the missing component. 

What a nice concept!  With a little bit of social and emotional processing all done through drumming, it just might be possible for students to have a chance to feel better about themselves and to better understand others --and all that might lead to better focusing on school work.  Instead of just concentrating on the "survival of the fittest", this gives every child a chance to be mentally fit--or at least, a step closer.   

Stephanie knew in heart that music and rhythm would bring the connection.   She reached out to REMO making us aware of a DonorsChoose account she had setup for donations to purchase drums.   We informed her about programs such as Beat the Odds and she immediately signed up.  Stephanie was also looking for a mentor-rhythm-facilitator to help her along the way.  REMO introduced her to Alan Bruni.   Alan is highly respected and we thought he had the perfect skill set.  Alan is a REMO Endorsed Facilitator, trained in Beat The Odds, and just recently trained in the REMO HealthRHYTHMS protocol.   Alan mentioned to us,  the HealthRHYTHMS training came at the right time, where he was able to immediately use the protocol with the students.  

Also very fortunate, the School Admin at Birmingham Charter was supportive and had the same insight, wisdom, and compassion as Stephanie. They supported her idea 100%.   

Another wonderful piece of the puzzle, Alan was available and now working with Stephanie from Fall through Spring Semester!    

Here is a recent note from Stephanie Hammerman:

Alan Bruni has far exceeded our expectations. He connects with the students through the art of drumming and instinctively understands how to engage with them. Through the beauty of rhythm, he's building relationships, trust and helping students manage their social emotional struggles.

My students are eager and excited to see Mr. Alan as he enters the room. He approaches each student and lets them know that they are seen and heard. His facial expressions are easily read, and my students enjoy his passion for music. This experience is enriching my students more than I ever imagined. Thank you REMO staff, for supporting my special education high school student's social-emotional well-being.


Stephanie Hammerman

Community-Based Instruction Teacher

Case Carrier

Birmingham Community Charter High School

(For more information on benefits for drumming from social and emotional skill building, please contact us