A Winning Beat, Susan Komen Race for the Cure and Warriors in Pink Drums: Phoenix

Every once in a while something special and unexpected happens to make a really great thing even better. That is what happened at the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure, Phoenix, as the Warriors in Pink Drums and drummers added their spirit and beat to this wonderful event. A field of 37,000 participants had their spirits lifted and they stepped a little lighter as they ran, raced and walked for the cure. The racers knew that something special was afoot as they entered the main entry point and heard the pulsating beats of the Warriors in Pink Drums. Scores and scores of the racers stopped to play the drums (thus becoming a Pink Drum Warrior), dance and shake it up with each other. Smiles were everywhere as different people took turns sharing rhythms and making great grooves. Rick Boone, spouse of a cancer survivor, drummed with his two daughters in support of his wife. Rick said, "This is really a great new happening at the race and adds so much!" Joy Glaser, a cancer survivor for nearly two decades, was ecstatic as she happily led others in an outpouring of rhythmic fun. Joy, says that being able to make music on the Warriors in Pink Drums was an incredible experience. 

The Pink Warrior Drums were made by REMO Drum Company for Ford Motor Company. Frank Thompson of the AZ Rhythm Connection facilitated the groove and kept the excitement going as the happy participants played and jammed together at the beginning and end of the race. 

Kirstin Peterson, a local Board Certified Music Therapist who was mesmerized by the design of the drums after viewing them at, made it a point to attend the race just to be able to play them. Kirsten, also an accomplished graphic artist said, "these drums sound fantastic and look awesome." Ford Motor Company also distributed matching scarves which adorned many of the runners and walkers. The Pink Warrior spirit was visible everywhere. 

After the race began, the Warriors in Pink Drums were moved to an area just in front of the finish line. What a thrill it was to see wave after wave of the 37,000 participants approach the finish line and unexpectedly begin to dance and merrily skip to the beats of the Drummers. High-fives and happy steps were everywhere. A glowing grin was on many a runners face as they glanced at the drummers and nodded a heartfelt thank you for adding an exuberant crescendo to the end of the race. Geri White, a long time runner in the race had a unique surprise as she approached the finish line. Her support team had transformed itself into a full blown percussion section by playing REMO tambourines and shakers as the runners crossed the finished. 

Heather Roberts, Race Manager, says, the drumming, added a great celebration atmosphere to the Race and that she is looking forward to having the drums next year! This year's Race was the most successful to date-- raising an estimated $2 million! 

And the beat goes on...After such a big success, the AZ Rhythm Connection was invited to add drumming to the Breast Cancer 3-Day Race for the Cure-- a supplemental race that draws an additional 4500 who walk for three days in support of the cure. 

A winning and loving beat was added by all of those who shared there spirit and gifts by playing and supporting the Pink Warrior Drummers! Thanks to the Ford Motor Company and REMO Drums! 

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