A.B. Tribal Drums has struck a chord with audiences across the country. The shows hard hitting innovative drum beats combined with house/dance/tribal tracks have pushed A.B. Tribal Drums towards a dynamic perfection. Audiences are astounded by the shows incorporation of high energy drum and percussion beats, vibrant dance, and inventive movement. From New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, audiences continue to crave the show’s musical energy. With appearances in Drum, Modern Drummer and Latin Beat Magazines, A.B. Tribal Drums is reaching a mass audience. Recently signed by Slavik Records the show’s momentum and fan base continues to increase. A.B. was recently named runner up for Drum Magazines Rising Star Percussionist, Best Latin Percussionist, and Best Jazz/Fusion Percussionist. A.B. Tribal Drums is sure to be the must see show of 2009. As a drummer, percussionist, producer, and clinician; A.B.’s history in music is known to some. Playing drums and percussion since the age of 12, A.B began playing and recording with well known Latin musicians at the age of 16. His love for music and passion for drums and percussion would bring him to New York City. Once in New York, A.B. received a call from the band director of Celia Cruz and RMM All Star Band, Isidro Infante. He requested that A.B. play with Celia and RMM All Stars at several events at Madison Square Garden and numerous other high profile venues. Many doors opened for A.B. and he began playing with the most recognized names in Latin music. Being able to play with such talented artists and musicians would take A.B. to almost every state in the U.S. and even across the world to over 10 different countries. A.B. then received an offer to join one of the most recognized bands in Salsa music, Grupo Niche. A.B once again found himself touring the United States, and preparing for a world tour which would take him to Mexico, Italy, and Salvador among many other countries. It was after Grupo Niche’s 2003-2004 World Tour that A.B. was contacted by Walt Disney World Entertainment. It was through this experience with a globally renowned tourist destination, that A.B. was able to demonstrate his versatility and showmanship in music. After living on the East Coast, A.B. decided to move to Los Angeles. Shortly after arriving, he was asked to perform with Sheila E. and Amerie at the World Music Awards. The performance rocked the house, and he was asked to repeat the performance at the Soul Train, Lady of Soul Awards in Pasadena two weeks after the original performance. A.B. also had the opportunity to perform at the Latin Grammy’s with Don Omar, one of the biggest names in Reggeton (Spanish Hip-Hop). Pearl Drums and Percussion asked A.B. to appear in a promotional Instruction Pearl Percussion video, which made its debut an NAMM 2006. It was shortly there after that A.B. appeared in Modern Drummer and Latin Beat Magazines. It was a combination of all these opportunities that allowed him to further explore his musical interests. Now a resident of Las Vegas, A.B. has performed at numerous prestigious venues across the city and continues to deliver an impressive show. He recently finished a stint as the drummer and percussionist for Raw Talent Live at the Sahara Hotel and Casino. A.B. is now the head drummer and percussionist at ND’s Fuego – The Evolution of Night Life at the Rio Hotel and Casino. From a drummer and percussionist, A.B. has evolved into his own artist. Through talent, persistence and dedication; his talent has matured and evolved from a culturally infused style to a style that is all his own.