7 Important Reasons to Use Remo Drums in Healthcare...or Anywhere

We have built on the Four Pillars of Remo World Percussion (Durable, Portable, Tunable, Playable) to create our premium HealthRHYTHMS Essentials Collection. This product fits well in places you may not have seen them before. Here’s why:

  1. Durable –Using our unique, patented technologies and manufacturing techniques, we’ve taken the natural qualities of wood and animal skins and enhanced them for sound consistency and strength. Remo Advanced Acousticon® drums won’t splinter or crack with the occasional tumble and the heads rarely go out of tune. They are designed to take a beating, really! Our synthetic heads are easy to clean and disinfect and are a durable, weatherproof alternative to animal skins.
  2. Portable – Advanced Acousticon shells are far lighter than a carved wood drum shell; thus they are easier to transport. Remo drumheads are synthetic and do not change sound even when stored in extreme temperatures, meaning you can take them virtually anywhere. Our drum heads maintain beautiful tone whether played in South Africa or Antarctica (they’ve been played in both!)
  3. Tunable – Remo invented the first successful synthetic drum head more than 50 years ago. Our drum heads are resistant to weather changes and rarely go out of tune. But if they do, a simple turn of the tuning wrench will tune your drum just where you want it and it takes only minutes to change the heads…if you ever want to.
  4. Playable – Remo drums are made to make playing easy, with comfort and ergonomics in mind. Mallets are included in our collections for populations who want or need them. Try us against any of our competitors and see if our advanced technology drums aren’t superior in range, tone and projection qualities.
  5. Sustainable – Remo drum shells are made with nearly 100% recycled wood fiber. Remo has been awarded the California Waste Reduction Award for more than a decade. Recycling is not just something we do to address current consumer concerns. It's in our DNA
  6. Culturally Diverse – Remo HealthRHYTHMS collections honor drum cultures of Africa, Native America, Latin America and the Middle East. We feel it is important that the contributions of these great cultures live on in our new technologies. This is an important feature of our collections when working with diverse populations in treatment settings.
  7. Cleanable –Remo drums and drum heads can be cleaned and disinfected to meet the needs of healthcare facilities and schools. This will also allow you to keep them beautiful for years to come, whether you choose to drum in hospital with patients, around the campfire in the forest, or in a classroom full of kids with sticky fingers.