Barbara Reuer, PhD, MT-BC/L, internationally known for her expertise in music-centered wellness and music therapy, is Founder/CEO of MusicWorx Inc. and Resounding Joy Inc., both located in San Diego, CA. She has more than 35 years of clinical experience in schools, convalescent facilities, retirement homes, hospices, medical and psychiatric hospitals, corrections facilities, substance abuse and eating disorders programs, health spas, as well as teaching at community colleges and universities.

Major areas of Dr. Reuer’s current professional involvement are in the area of music therapy program and job development in San Diego County including an international music therapy internship program. In addition to her clinical work, she provides workshops and seminars (wellness, community building, stress management and pain management) nationally and internationally for health care professionals, educators and corporate clients. She has authored and co-authored several books and articles. Public notice of her work extends from recognition in publications to the Lifetime network show, New Attitudes, and the UCSDTV Health Matters: Music and the Mind. She has been interviewed in print media and television at the local, national and international levels.