Hugo Wittmann


Hugo WittmannHugo WittmannHugo Wittmann

For many years Hugo divided his time, mind, and effort between two areas: human-development and music.

He studied Afro-Cuban Percussion in a Jazz School and several self-development methodologies, like Neurolinguistic Programming, Family Constellation, Hypnosis and Coaching. He lived those years with meaning and purpose, but something didn’t feel right. It was urgent to bring those two areas together.

In 2015 Hugo went to Hawaii to learn Drum Circle Facilitation with Arthur Hull, a decision that changed his life. Arthur became his mentor, not only in the art of Drum Circle Facilitation, but also in the art of creating, nurturing, and celebrating communities with extreme happiness.

Since then, he has been dedicating his time to create this sense of unity and community through rhythm, and that brought unity in himself. He created RITMOS.PT and has been facilitating Drum Circles in festivals, retreats, companies, schools, and other events, bringing people closer to themselves, to others, and to life.