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Chris GuglielmoChris GuglielmoChris Guglielmo

Chris Guglielmo is the drummer for NYC based rock band Bayside.

I was very lucky to have a music teacher in high school who always pushed me out of my comfort zone. She always tried to challenge my abilities by having me join jazz band and by throwing odd time signatures in front of me. Little did I know this would lay down the foundation and confidence I would need to move forward as a musician.

From age 15, not a year has gone by that I wasn’t in a band. Practicing everyday and playing shows when ever I had the chance. By the time I was 17, I was locked away in a studio doing session work. I played on dozens of albums for local musicians, mostly rock and metal with a few curve balls mixed in there.

At age 18, I packed up my drums and moved to California to join a fun mathy punk band called Amity. I had toured prior to joining this band, but this was the first time I would find myself on Warped Tour and traveling the full US. This journey was unfortunately, short lived and I moved back to NY.

I played in a few more bands when I moved home and cut an album or two before joining Bayside. Since I have joined Bayside I have had some really incredible opportunities to work with some very amazing producers such as Gil Norton (The Pixies, Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters), David Shiffman (Thrice, Anti-flag), and Cameron Webb (Motorhead, Alkaline Trio, Social Distortion). I am 9 albums deep with Bayside now. The studio is where my heart is, where my work flow is unstoppable and my ability to adapt quickly makes sessions extremely efficient.

I have had a very fulfilling music career this far and I would love to share my experience and knowledge with you.

"Drum heads not only need to sound good but they need to have that special feeling to them. Remo has not only nailed this magical combination but they have executed this across all platforms. Remo is so on point I have a hard time choosing which heads I want to play."  -Chris Guglielmo