Remo 40 years of World Percussion

Remo, the world leader in professional percussion for over 60 years, continues exciting developments with new technologies and instrument for recreational and educational programs and activities throughout the world. Remo revolutionized the hand drums with alternative synthetic drumhead technologies that create a powerful combination with the alternative Acousticon® wood based recycled material. The results are … consistent vibrant tones, durability and superior overall quality construction for all drumming activities. 

Remo’s celebrates 40 year manufacturing World Percussion drum products in Southern California, USA. The PTS Pre-Tuned Series, Fiberskyn® drumhead film and Acousticon® drum shells started the venture in 1981 that inspired Remo’s iconic drum brands like the...Mondo™Djembe, Versa® drum, Tubano®, Festival drum, and Kids Percussion®.

Remo starts the celebration in 2020 with the Mondo Djembe, Jubilee graphic finish inspired by our US flag. It is a tribute to Remo Belli’s passion and stick-to-itiveness to make the best drum products for the world’s communities.