MEGADRUMS is a global music project, combining the artistry of the finest musicians of our time. Founded by Reinhard Flatischler in 1986, MegaDrums soon became a milestone in world percussion music.

MegaDrums – for over 25 years this name has been synonymous with an exceptional musical experience for both listeners and performers. Reinhard Flatischler’s music allows room for improvisation beyond the defined structural lines of compositions. Shifting from predetermined to spontaneous is an important characteristic of the MegaDrums’ concept, giving the project both musical constancy and a wealth of innovation, allowing the space for each musician to introduce his/her personality. These criteria are so exacting that only the best are able to fulfill them: complex musical architecture on the one hand and creative freedom on the other hand as well the challenge to be free of the background of previous musical experience in order to start out on a new journey. This illustrates why MegaDrums became a forum for master drummers.

The result is a kind of music that is unmistakable in its character. This video was shot on the 1999 MegaDrums world tour.

Line-up: Reinhard Flatischler , Airto Moreira (Brasil/ USA) , Zakir Hussain (India/ USA) , Leonard Eto (Japan) , Stephen Kent (USA) , Glen Velez (USA) , Wolfgang Puschnig (Austria) , Cornelia Jecklin (Switzerland) 

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