How to: R Series Bongo Drumheads

Upgrade your sound with Remo Skyndeep bongo drumheads. Join the many professional drummers and drum enthusiasts that are switching from the animal rawhide heads to the maintenance free Remo synthetic drumheads. For superior sound, durability, and weather-resistance choose from Remo’s wide selection to fit your drum.

About R Series Bongo Drumheads

Remo’s R Series Bongo Drumheads are available in the Standard (high collar) and Low Collar models. The R Series Bongo Drumheads fit more “regular” full size model bongo drums from most of the major manufacturers.

The R Series standard models feature a High Collar that accommodates drums with Traditional or Radius counter hoop rims and increase the distance between the playing surface and the counter hoop rims.

The Low Collar R Series Drumhead allows for a comfortable playing relationship between the counter hoop rims and playing surface. The design also reduces the amount of torque needed while tuning the drum and minimizes the tuning hook length that may stick out the base of the drum, something that drummers who play seated can really appreciate! 

About Bongo Drum Sizes

Remo identifies “regular” full size model bongos as the large drum (hembra) 8 1/2”, 8 5/8” and 9” sizes and the small drum (macho) measuring 7” or 7 ¼”. The R Series drumheads are manufactured using a wide, open channel hoop. This construction incorporates Remo’s standard drum set head manufacturing technology offering durability, and quality sound for all types of drums.

About Remo Film Technology

R Series drumheads are available with a variety of Remo proprietary films, and are designed to accommodate various world percussion drum products offered by the music manufacturing industry.

Select from three film types

FIBERSKYN® provides a superb, authentic drum sound for maximum projection, lively overtones, and slap tones that are easy on your hands.

NUSKYN® sounds natural, warm, and full-bodied with enhanced low and mid-range frequencies, without any lingering high pitched overtones.

SKYNDEEP® is the graphic infusion of pigment into a polyester surface and is weather resistant, producing warm tones, increases sound volume and projection in any environment.

About Bongo Model Numbers

How to understand bongo model numbers when selecting heads for your drums. Start with the construction type. The R Series has two with the prefix,  M3 and M6. For the Skyndeep film the model numbers have an extended suffix that identifies the Graphic film. See model numbers below.

R Series Low Collar

Sizes: 7”, 8.5”

M3-R715-F1- Bongo Drumhead, R-Series, 7.15", Low Collar, Fiberskyn

M3-R715-N5- Bongo Drumhead, R-Series, 7.15", Low Collar, Nuskyn

M3-R715-S4-SD003 Bongo Drumhead, R-Series, 7.15", Low Collar, Skyndeep, 'Calfskin' Graphic

M3-R850-F5- Bongo Drumhead, R-Series, 8.50", Low Collar, Fiberskyn

M3-R850-N6- Bongo Drumhead, R-Series, 8.50", Low Collar, Nuskyn

M3-R850-S5-SD003 Bongo Drumhead, R-Series, 8.50", Low Collar,Skyndeep, 'Calfskin' Graphic

Availiable Skyndeep finishes: Calfskyn SD003, Tiger Stripe SD007, Puerto Rican Flag SD008, Black Calfskin SD009

R Series Standard 

Sizes: 7”, 8.5”, & 9.00”

M6-R715-F1- Bongo Drumhead, R-Series, 7.15", Fiberskyn

M6-R715-N5- Bongo Drumhead, R-Series, 7.15", Nuskyn

M6-R715-S4-SD003 Bongo Drumhead, R-Series, 7.15", Skyndeep, 'Calfskin' Graphic

M6-R850-F5- Bongo Drumhead, R-Series, 8.50", Fiberskyn

M6-R850-N6- Bongo Drumhead, R-Series, 8.50", Nuskyn

M6-R850-S5-SD003 Bongo Drumhead, R-Series, 8.50", Skyndeep, 'Calfskin' Graphic

Availiable Skyndeep finishes: Calfskyn SD003, Tiger Stripe SD007, Puerto Rican Flag SD008, Black Calfskin SD009