Remo's Conga & Bongo drumheads deliver the superior Sound, Feel and Look that professionals prefer. With Remo’s weather resistant, synthetic drumheads you’ll experience superior sound quality,  low maintenance and easy tuning that’s been road tested in every kind of environment and climate around the world. Here are the three innovative film technologies that Remo has developed for all types of drums and drumming activities. For novices to professionals alike. Select your favorite Remo Film Technology for your drums. We are proud and appreciative to supply Remo Conga and Bongo Drumhead to the industries major drum brands and artists. We hope you will find your choice.




FIBERSKYN® provides a superb, authentic drum sound for maximum projection, lively overtones, and slap tones that are easy on your hands.

Random thick and thin areas of polyspun fibers are literally blown and sealed together at high pressure, resulting in high and low areas across the surface. Similar to natural skin where these micron structure variations give it a distinctive set of overtones as well as added durability to many base Fiberskyn® film thicknesses.

SKYNDEEP® is the graphic infusion of pigment into a polyester surface and is weather resistant, producing warm tones, increases sound volume and projection in any environment.

The Skyndeep® drumheads are uniquely made using an endothermic phase transition process. This process differs from our deep dyed films where any image, not just solid colors, can be applied to the film. The image is transferred though the films entre lattice structure and is virtually impossible to remove. No additional film thickness is added in the process so the original base film sound properties do not change. 

NUSKYN® sounds natural, warm, and full-bodied with enhanced low and mid-range frequencies, without any lingering high pitched overtones

The Nuskyn® patented process infuses a dampening media within the film’s structure. This medium has proprietary technologies that bond dissimilar materials together. It dampens out specific frequencies while creating a softer impact. Once finished, we apply the Suede® and Renaissance® treatments to both sides of the film.