Artbeat for Humanity

Artbeat for Humanity provides the opportunity for artists with disabilities to utilize the drum not only as an instrument of rhythmic expression, but also as a canvas to share their creative expression through artistic channels. Drum art has been a part of humanity for thousands of years in many diverse cultures around the globe. ArtBeat for Humanity is a unique collaboration and partnership project between REMO, Inc. and Arts & Services for Disabled, Inc., promoting:

  • Social enterprise
  • Social entrepreneurship 
  • Social inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

The Artbeat for Humanity program first engages participants in recreational art-making, then guides participants in a therapeutic art process and then teaches fine art skills. The artists create their own unique story/artwork on a drum canvas (Remo ArtBEAT Drums are designed specifically for this purpose) and the drums are exhibited in galleries and sold, providing income to the artist. Additionally, a donation is made by Remo, Inc. to the Artbeat for Humanity program at Arts & Services for Disabled, Inc. for each Remo ArtBEAt Drum sold.