My name is Rico Persson, currently living in Malmö Sweden.

I am working with rhythm in different ways since 2004, most of all in settings where there is also a different purpose or message, such as building community, togetherness, equal rights and values.

I lived and trained for 6 years with the Malinke tribe in Guinea Conakry and this has made big impact on my life, being in music as a great source for health, hope, healing and boosting energy. 

As a way to give back for all the treasures I have been given in Guinea, I have used my music and knowledge to create a yearly charity festival (13 years now) and with the funds gathered by donations I have been able to open a primary school for the street kids in Guinea. Baobab School as of today has 863 children going to school every day. 

The music and the community development has taken me on a wonderful rhythmical and spiritual journey and continuing to do so, where community drumming is an ever growing part. With this I am able to combine all my big interests: Presence, meditation, communication and sustainable collective growth.  

When I am in the music I am ALIVE.  

When I am in the music I am HERE.

When I am in the music I am HOME.

” Everything we o in life is rhythm. Working with rhythm and identify ourselves with it, we can easier find our own rhythm in life and thus an inner balance with ourselves, our daily life and our surroundings”