Wojtek Deregowski

Tina Karol

Wojtek DeregowskiWojtek DeregowskiWojtek Deregowski

Wojtek Deregowski (born in 1996) is a Polish drummer and musician. He studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Wojtek currently works as a studio and live drummer that specializes mostly in hip hop, pop, R&B and electronic music. He stays active on social media channels (gathering over 280k followers), where he uploads drum videos and lessons.  In his drumming and education he focuses on the unique style, creativity and sound as well as musicality and expressing emotions on the drum set.  Currently touring with Tina Karol. 

Why Remo?

"Whether it’s a studio session, show or just a casual jam, I can always fully rely on Remo drumheads.  They allow me to precisely translate my ideas into sound. As a product they are very repetitive which helps a ton in every situation I find myself in!  It’s a great comfort and huge privilege for drummers to be able to use Remo drumheads!"