Walker Wright
HealthRHYTHMS Endorsed Facilitator

"REMO consists of amazing people, with incredible passion, creating phenomenal instruments that are perfect for the sessions that I do."

Bachelor of Science - Health, Physical Education and Recreation
University of Mississippi
Internship in Cardiac Rehabilitation
Walker is a professional drummer and founder of Rejoicing Rhythms. He created the Rejoicing Rhythms program to inspire joyful expression and creativity through recreational music. The Rejoicing Rhythms program combines his passion for drumming and percussion with his background in healthcare and wellness. With more than 13 years in healthcare marketing and public relations, he has worked in the areas of sports medicine, home health and hospice care. His experience in these areas, as well as his passion for music, inspired him to pursue recreational drumming as a venue to help others maximize their joy and well-being regardless of their age, health challenges or special needs. With Rejoicing Rhythms, Walker has facilitated drum programs extensively within the senior community and special needs community. He also speaks regularly regarding the benefits of HealthRHYTHMS and recreational music to civic organizations.
From a very young age, Walker has been passionate about drums and percussion. He started playing professionally in the early 1990’s. His musical journey has taken him from church sanctuaries, to recording studios, to the concert stage — where he has played large music venues, including Birmingham’s City Stages and Austin’s South by Southwest. Walker sees all of his drumming opportunities as a true blessing from God.
Walker is proud to be a member of the REMO, Inc. family as a HealthRHYTHMS Endorsed Facilitator.
Special HealthRHYTHMS Moment: The Alzheimer’s Center was full of energy and excitement on that morning. The next person to enter the room was a gentleman who was about to participate in his fifth session. He walked with such confidence and dignity. This time it was different, he carried with him an instrument case. The first session he did not participate. The second session he tapped his foot. The third session he took a shaker. The fourth session he took a frame drum and kept the beat. This time he sat down and pulled out a beautiful banjo and proceeded to play a wonderful blue grass tune. The circle accompanied him with shakers and bells. The metaphor of community and acceptance rang true. For me, I just got out of the way and let the group teach me.
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