Tubby Wadsworth is an Australian drum educator and freelance drum kit artist who specializes in applied rudimental applications to drum kit. His passion for rudiments started after seeing and hearing local Scottish Rudimental drumming parades when he was 8 years old. Having being totally trans fixed by the razor-sharp precision of the drum line he then went onto study the Standard American Rudiments under the watchful and caring eye of Senior N.S.W Police Band Percussionist, Sgt Lyndsay Chate, Tubby Wadsworth then went on to secure 3 Consecutive state-held Rudimental Snare Drum Championships. As the years progressed, he then entered the touring and recording circuit Australia wide, performing and recording with successful Australian independent acts including MASSAPPEAL Killing Time/Mantissa, The Candy Harlots and Fester Fanatics, and has subsequently enjoyed re-releases with several acts over the last two decades. His ongoing love for drum set education has seen him appear regularly as a Clinician, conducting Workshops throughout Australian schools and retail environments. Past Workshops of note have included his Workshop presentations beside Thomas Lang, and Steve Smith. Tubby has also appeared regularly as a Senior Judge on Panels for the prestigious Annual Billy Hyde’s Drummers Play-Off’ Competition. As Tubby would say“ If I’m not busy, I’m not happy” and “ keep practicing, stay humble and always respect and acknowledge the better players.”

"Long before I was a Remo team member, I had enough valuable hands on experience as a student with their heads to understand that no matter what musical setting I was needing to perform in at any given point in time, the heads would always hold up in both durability and would always meet the often varied tuning demands required in both live and studio settings. It's an incredibly important and comforting feeling knowing that when I personally use Remo products or recommend them to all of my students and peers the heads always stand up 100% of the time. No matter what specific sound I need from my kit, Remo products always provide exactly what I need. A brilliant product!"  -Tubby Wadsworth