Tony Escapa

Ricky Martin

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Tony Escapa was gifted with a natural sense of music and has been praised by

legendary icons. Phil Ramone once said to him "you are here to touch souls thru music

my friend". Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, He first picked up a pair of

drumsticks at age 9 and the chemistry was immediate. After years of careful study, his

parents recognized his driving talent and dedication and his father decided to move to

the States taking him with. As a High School teenager Tony practiced drums constantly

and quickly started working professionally as well as for fun with several alternative

original bands in the Orlando area while also performing in his high school marching,

concert and Jazz bands. After graduating from high school Tony moved back to PR to

immerse himself in it's rich music scene, before becoming one of two local recipients to

receive a full scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. At Berklee, Tony

was chosen to represent the College around the world, and that's when his touring life

began. He travelled all over the US, and as far as Japan, and spent the summer time

touring with bands including PUYA, Alfredo De La Fe, and Middle Eastern artist Simon

Shaheen. After college Tony headed to NYC to become part of one the most important

and creative music scenes in the world. Tony was chosen as a Jazz ambassador at the

Kennedy Center Of Arts in Washington and traveled to Central and Western Africa with

The Rhythm Collective. This quartet, led by Miguel Zenon, shares Africa's influence in

the US among other genres including Latin Jazz. With such rich influences, Tony's

musical boundaries just kept expanding and in 04 he became Ricky Martin's touring

drummer. With Ricky he has toured extensively around the world, performing at the

Winter Olympics in Torino, TV Shows that include Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, David

Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, the Grammy's, and in countless

arenas all over the globe. Tony Escapa has also been in films like "The Other Woman"

by Nick Cassavettes and also Cucu Diamantes "Amor Cronico" a film filmed and

produced in Cuba. Tony was a creative force behind 2 Latin Grammy winning recording

with Venezuelan Pop Singer/ Songwritter Franco De Vita "En primera fila" and later "En

Primera Fila 2". In 2016 recorded with Spain's musical Icon Miguel Bose on his MTV

Unplugged Record while also becoming a local in the Vegas Strip, as part of Ricky

Martin's "All In" 2017 Vegas Residency Show. He has also performed and recorded with

a wide array of artist that include Al Di Meola, Caribbean Jazz Project, David Sanchez,

Especial Banco Popular De Puerto Rico, Jerry Medina y la Banda, Steve Jenkins, Oz

Noy, Dana Leong, Claudia Acuña and many more. Today, Tony is a very important figure

in the music and drumming communities thanks to his impecable taste, energy and

unselfish musical versatility. He has been featured in the worlds leading Drum

Magazine, Modern Drummer and was nominated in the magazine’s Readers Poll twice

one in 2013 in the ”Best Pop Drummer" category and again in 2017 in the “World/

Percussion” category. In the words of one of his mentors, Jamey Haddad, "Tony not

only plays well, he make's the rest of the band sound great"...!